BCS Preli Preparation within 3 Months


BCS Preparation within 3 months

The most competitive exam in the history of Bangladesh is the BCS exam. In 2021, 408,462 applications were received at the 43rd BCS. On the other hand, there are 1,814 thousand vacancies.

So how will the PSC get out the 1,814 qualified cadres from this huge number of candidates?

Answer through BCS Preliminary Examination.

There are 3 steps in Bangladesh Civil Service Examination.

1. Preliminary examination

2. Written test

3. Viva test

In the 1st step, 200 marks are tested in the prelims. There are 10 subjects in total. Preliminary exam numbers are of no use at all. Written and viva exam numbers are considered in the main cadre selection. The prelim test is a gateway. This test is a test to reduce the number of candidates. Naturally, it is not possible for millions of students to take the written or viva exam. In that case it will take a few years. Therefore, prelim test is taken in MCQ method. In this examination 20-25 thousand candidates were passed in certain fields. Only those who pass the prelims get a chance to take part in the written test.

To prepare for BCS Preliminary Exam, let's first look at the Prelim Syllabus.

BCS Preliminary Exam Syllabus Remember Preliminary exam is just ticker exam. Here, 190 words are found, at least 120 words are passed and the same thing. This test number is not added to the original BCS test.

First let's discuss what can not be done to prepare for the BCS Preliminary Exam!

1. Almost everyone hangs a map in front of the table to prepare for BCS Preliminary. He memorized the map while reading. This cannot be done. A lot of your precious time will be spent behind this map. And as a result of this tireless work, another reading will be out of your head.

2. Everyone stumbles upon current affairs, surveys, censuses, the latest information.


If it is more than recent in BCS, there are 4-5 questions. Thousands of surveys for these 5 marks, is it very wise to read the calculations?

No. So many surveys, reading current affairs will remember those 1-2 questions. If you read them regularly, it becomes a flame. So instead of memorizing 2 separate books per month, you can take a look at Current Affairs Saltamami once. No need to look, if you have a habit of reading magazines regularly.

3. Buy less books, read more. There are about 10 first class publications in the market. Now you will buy 10 sets of books to read?

No. It is impossible to remember reading 10 sets of books. You don't have 5 years. There will be about 1 year. There may be exceptions in some cases. However, 1 year for ‘More Than Enough’ BCS Preliminary Preparation.

4. There is no need to read the magazine from beginning to end. Only Bangladesh, international, editorial, opinions must be read.

5. BCS candidates floated in the Gaddalika stream. Suppose you bought a book from MP3 Publishing about mathematical reasoning. Now that your friend has put it in your head, Oracle's math is even better. Again another friend in favor of the professors.

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo. If you spend time buying books, when will you read?

Buy and read any book that is common and famous in the market. The same information is given in most of the books. There are some differences, especially in the field. There must be differences.

how to start bcs preparation from zero

Now let's see what needs to be done to prepare for BCS Preliminary Exam.

1. First of all, take a good look at the preliminary syllabus. 

By looking at the BCS syllabus, mark some of the subjects that are proficient and some of which are not proficient. Suppose you are a science student. You should have skills in general science, math, computer and information technology. Then these are your plus points. Give a little less emphasis on these and a little more time on others.

2. It is important to read 4-5 papers on Bangladesh, international, opinion, editorial using internet every day. These will be useful for prelims as well as writing. Preparations for 2 tests were done simultaneously.

Besides Bengali newspapers, English papers also need to be read. In the written test, you have to write about English using English language. The style of writing in the newspaper is very good. So if you read the magazine, the style of writing, the meaning of the word will be known.

3. See BCS Question Analysis. Where does the question of BCS come from?

From the main book?

From the guide book?

From the lecture sheet?

Remember, questioners never ask questions from guide books. And lecture sheets are a luxury. They ask questions from basic books.

Let me give you an example:

There was a question in the 35th BCS prelim exam like this: Women are too often ___ by family commitments. (A) Confused (b) controlled (c) contaminated (d) constrained

BCS Preliminary Exam Preparation Study

If you are looking for the answer to this question in the guide book then keep looking.

If I say this question has been removed from exactly one place. Believe? If you are not sure, this sentence can be found in the word Constrain in the book Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English.

Eighty percent of the questions that come up in BCS are from basic books. So don't just read guide books, put these books Longman, Oxford on the reading table. Look inside them for answers to any questions.

You will get exactly 90 out of 100!

4. Use Internet on the subject that needs internet.

Every topic of geography, environment and disaster management is on the internet. Take the time to write Wikipedia, Banglapedia. Now if you use the internet for math, then that time will fail.

5. There are some questions that must be wrong.

Even if you have a Masters in English, you will find some questions in English Literature that you will not be able to answer. So there is no need to get everything from such literature. No one can do these. So don't spend too much time on these issues. Exclude items that you may find inaccurate or unreadable after reading them over and over again. You don't have to get 200 out of 200. The pass mark is actually.

6. What about board books and what not?

Mess's friend, the older brother in the neighborhood, gives some advice on board books. You have to read all the board books of 6th to 12th class for mathematics! I don't know which math came from 6th grade book in BCS. After reading this board book, a lot of unnecessary arithmetic is done.

Remember you are a BCS candidate. You're reading just to pass the prelims. You are not doing any PhD that you have to do all the time.

Buy a book from any publication for math. After buying, read the topic over and over again. Mathematics is not just about the eyes. Your math preparation will not be completed until your 20 Dista book is filled with math.

General Science, Bangla, Computer, Bangladesh Matters You will finish these subjects in a board book. On top of these comes the question from the board book. And in these matters, the board book itself is considered as authentic or basic.

7. Make your own notes, shortcut rules.

Math can have up to 100 shortcuts for the same number. You make one at your convenience. There is no need to meet another person. So-and-so gave it like this, so I will do the same, get rid of this thought. If the numbers match your rules.

8. After all, the BCS exam is not a test to get 100% marks.

So even if you forget to get 200 to 200, this mentality cannot be maintained. In case of reading, you have to read selectively. Keep the necessary information in mind. Remember there is less space in your head. So don't mess with too much nonsense.

From the beginning of the preparation, Sirius can share the preparation and practice with some friends. But if you feel that you are lagging behind the others, then you will move away from them.

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