How to Start BCS Preparation from Zero


How to start BCS Preparation from zero

The biggest and most competitive exam in the history of Bangladesh is the BCS-Bangladesh Civil Service Exam. Millions of candidates apply every year. Get the opportunity to become a cadre like 2 thousand.

More than 260 candidates fought against 1 cadre! Think? Bangladesh's BCS exams are more competitive than world renowned universities like Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford. The number of candidates is increasing day by day and the number of cadres is not increasing. So the level of competition is unimaginable. If you want to survive in this competition, you need to study a lot. With perseverance, it is impossible to be a BCS cadre without proper BCS preparation.

The race to become the most prestigious job in Bangladesh BCS cadre has to start long ago. The more you read, the more likely you are to survive.

In today's article we will discuss the beginning and end of BCS Preparation. (How to take BCS preparation?)

1. Being serious

First you have to set your mind. BCS is a test just like any other test. But that is the most important and difficult test of life. So to pass this exam you have to study regularly. Many candidates have BCS books on their table day after day. No one even sees it open. I will read today, I will read tomorrow. Months go by like this. Dust falls on the book, but reading is no more. So you don't just have to buy and submit books. Those books should be read seriously every day.

2. When do I start studying for BCS exam?

If you want to join BCS, you should start studying from university life. Only BCS should be studied regularly according to the syllabus with the target. Therefore, BCS preparation should be started by looking at all the information about BCS syllabus and BCS examination method while in university.

3. How many hours a day to read BCS preparation?

Who reads how much will depend on who is reading what. If you have to spend more time on your university subject then you will study less time. There is no way to reduce BCS in university.

BCS preparation

There are 3 steps in BCS exam. Preliminary, written and viva exams. Preliminary only ticker test. Some candidates are selected through this test to reduce the number of candidates. The number in this test is 200. If you get 200 out of 200 here, there will be no profit. All you have to do is pass with a pass mark. So far in the history of the period, all those who have got 120 or a little less have all passed the preliminary examination. Therefore, to prepare for the preliminary examination, it is wise to read one book after another without reading book after book.

4. Take a look at the syllabus: (BCS Syllabus)

It is important to read the BCS syllabus from beginning to end before preparing. There is usually no question outside the syllabus. Looking at the syllabus, one should understand which subject matter is proficient and which subject matter is weak. Suppose you are studying at CSE. Then computer and information technology is much easier for you. So you need to read less about this than others. At this point you will be able to read other topics.

5. Solving last year's question

Every time in the history of BCS something is repeated from the previous question. Moreover, if you solve the previous questions, you will know the facts about BCS exam. There are many popular books in the market. Any one should be bought and dropped in the 1st or 2nd year of university.

how to start bcs preparation from zero

6. One should read a Bengali and English magazine every day.

The importance of the magazine is immense. If you read the writings of the newspaper, it will be very useful in the written test of BCS. Moreover, in BCS Preliminary Examination questions come from Bangladesh Affairs and International Affairs. The questions on these two topics are usually asked by the questioners from the magazine. So if you read regular magazines, you can easily answer from these.

7. It is good to read some famous books in the 3rd year of university.

From the books "Unfinished Autobiography", "Lalnil Deepavali" there are always some questions in BCS. Moreover, questions are asked from such books on Viva Board. Along with these, books on the history of Bangladesh, books on the liberation war should be read.

8. How much do you know about your own district?

Everyone on the BCS Viva Board is asked questions from their respective districts. So know in advance about your district, upazila. You can find this information on Wikipedia, Bangla Pedia.

9. From the 4th year of university, according to the syllabus of BCS, subject based books should be read for each subject.

If you study regularly, it is possible to take a very good preparation in each subject. It would be better to write down the topics that seem difficult while studying. They will be remembered if revised after a few days.

10. Above all, BCS is a test. Yes, very difficult, but not impossible.

1 / 4th of the way you studied on the night before any university or HSC exam and if you study for BCS exam every day, then your race in BCS exam will be in the top 100.

 If you want to do bank job, read the bank job circular.

So it is important to be serious and study regularly.

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