Sales Force Management - Identification processes are involved with SFM


Salesforce Management - Identification processes are involved with SFM

A sales force management system is an information system that helps automate certain sales and sales force management functions. They are often seen to be combined with a marketing information system. Sales Force Automation has a sales lead tracking system that lists potential customers on a paid phone list or a customer on a related product. Other components of sales force automation include sales forecasting, order management is product knowledge.

Some of the identifiable processes involved with sales force management are:

i. Setting targets and objectives based on inputs

ii. Hiring executives to achieve sales objectives

iii. Control processes are achieved within a given time frame and within a given market

iv. Manage systems to manage uncertain environments

It is not just about the control system involved in the sales force management process but also the various metrics involved.

Some of the metrics implemented in the sales force management process are:

i. Time management- measures the work and time required for each job

ii. Call Management - Planning for customer interaction

iii. Opportunity Management- Sales opportunities will be created if the sales force management process is implemented properly

iv. Account Management - In the case of multiple opportunities with a customer, the account is measured by equipment, process, and purpose.

v. Territory Management- Managing sales areas is the highest experience for managing sales statistics

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