Activities of Sales Force Management


Sales Force Management – Activities of SFM

Sales management is an integral part of marketing management. It translates the marketing plan into performance. Sales management is described as the backbone of marketing management.

Sales management involves the following activities:

(a) Definition Requirement - Determining the needs of manpower and the skills sought among them.

(b) Recruitment - Recruiting the desired type of people.

(C) Training - To train the sales team to increase the desired skills and make them proficient in the work assigned to them.

(d) Compensation - Appropriate compensation must be paid to the hired salespersons. This is necessary because if they are not properly compensated they may join a competitor and give up our trade secrets or even if they are with our firm they may be demotivated and not work as required.

Compensation should be such that neither the employee nor the employer feels exploited

(e) Motivation - Motivating employees is an activity as important as any other activity. An inspired salesperson must sell more than an inspired salesperson. It creates a good business idea to motivate people to work more efficiently.

The steps of sales-force management are the same as that of employee management. Sales-force management work begins with job analysis; Such as determining job objectives, material duties and responsibilities performance criteria, and reporting relationships. The output of the job analysis is the written job description which is used to get the required qualifications (job specification) of the employee.

Eligible job applicants must be found and a decision on the source and method of recruitment is required. From the supply of applicants, those who meet the required job specification are selected.

After selection, the selected individuals receive initial training and continuous training through various training systems - throughout their careers with the company. Compensation plans are designed to provide appropriate levels and methods of compensation.

When the salesperson is hired to work in the field, the work of other employees begins. Motivational plans are introduced to motivate salespeople to use their work time more productively. Control of sales staff requires analysis of sales records and evaluation of sales performance.

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