Best golf balls for slice

best golf balls for slice
 best golf balls for slice

Surely, there’s something like the best golf ball for slice? Even a bad piece like yours ??

Ideally one that would help prevent you from slicing your shots further?

Maybe ...

  1. You're getting a stock of laughter from your golfing friends because of the pieces of your walkie-talkie shots ... this time you got the last laugh.
  2. Your current balls will not move in the direction you want.


Everyone is telling you that a new package of golf balls is coming out that will improve your game (and help you with your slices).

If you fall under any of them, then you'll find that this is the right article for you. Finding a golf ball that performs to your full potential can be challenging.

best golf balls for slice

For 2021, we've compiled a list of the top 5 best golf balls for a slice (along with reviews).

Are You In A Hurry?

And curious readers like myself will jump right in and play.

If you don't feel like reading the whole list to get your best pick then it’s alright. We take the liberty of leaving the list for you.

Among our top 5 calves, we have found a golf ball that we can present to you as a final Pick.

The distinctions between the top picks are trivial. 

The part becomes more difficult as a result of this.

But we did our best - and I'm glad to give you our winning gift.

The Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball is at the top of our list.

It's designed to provide both distance and precision. When it comes to slicing the ball, precision is extremely necessary. When the ball is driven from the tee, the amount of spin produced is reduced, which means the ball is much less likely to travel accidentally.

Not exactly what you're looking for!

The E6 will not only solve the slicing problem, but it will also provide excellent output when you exit the green. Let's face it, fixing one problem can never come at the cost of causing another.

Below are a ton more details in our in-depth product reviews ...

After more than 45+ hours of testing, the following are the test winners:

Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball

Why is it the most effective?

  • They pay incredible value for money

  • A good quality golf ball that performs well.

  • Ball set at a reasonable price.

  • Provides a good distance from Tee.

  • This reduces the cut by creating a shot straightener.

  • Suitable for different swing speeds.

Our Top 5 picks for the Best Golf Ball For Slice are as follows:

Your golfing game is divided into two main parts. These will be long games and short games. In the long game, the slicing is more noticeable. 

This is mostly due to the need for additional powers. You must sink deeper into accuracy with more focus. This is the point at which the slicing starts. 

You might be shocked to learn that having a fast swing pace has little to do with cutting the ball more frequently.

However, if you have poor hand-eye coordination and fast swing speeds, you are more likely to develop this problem.

We’ve spent a lot of time following the right right for those who are struggling with cuts.

It has done a lot of research to retain the balls that sell the balls that provide this feature.

Once we got them we gave them their speed. After doing this, we are happy to say that we have got some great balls for you.

We have 5 incredible golf balls on our list that can all add incredible additions to your golf bag.

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball - OUR TOP PICK

Click the image for more info

Bridgestone has been consistently providing high quality golfing products Bridgestone has been consistently providing high quality golfing products since 1935. 

Their E6 soft golf ball is designed with precision and distance in mind. 

As we are looking for balls like slice reduction, it is part of the accuracy that we have paid more attention to. This is provided by reducing the spin generated when you hit the ball with a driver or a long iron.

The softcore of this ball is such that the ball has an instant low resistance against impact.

As a result the deviating speed is reduced. Exactly what causes you to cut the ball!

The outer layer is covered with delta dimples for less wind resistance and more control. It helps you improve your overall game with each shot. Your shots will usually be straight for long-range strikes.

The ball is more resistant to wind speeds as well as pop-ups. It flies straight

Once green, you will easily get enough spin to tour the course. The ball lands softly and stops very quickly. Your skill will count more than help from the ball

You can use this set of balls as your game improves.

Bridgestone has an unfair advantage over most competitors. They have access to data and science from a large part of the business. They also produce tires.

From here came their rubber technological advances. Most polymers developed in this direction later use the inner core of the ball as well as the soft outer core.

Each pack contains 12 balls. These are sold in two colors, white and yellow. Yellows are more common.

Your pieces will be able to visually track the plane and direction of your ball.


They pay incredible value for money

A good quality golf ball that performs well.

Ball set at a reasonable price.

Provides a good distance from Tee.

This reduces the cut by creating a shot straightener.

Suitable for different swing speeds.


Some users find it too soft.

2. Polara XDS 3-Piece Golf Balls

Click the image for more info

It is marketed as the ideal ball for those who want to improve their game without losing the fun of playing golf.

Pushing a ball is a lot of responsibility for anyone.

According to the manufacturer, it is designed to correct up to 50% of your pieces and miss-hits. This is courtesy of their properly named self-correcting technology.

It has an arrow that is used as a type of compass. It should point in the direction your shot wants to go.

Any deviation from the direction indicated by the arrow can be reduced by up to 50%.

Their target market is those who play games for fun. These are not professional golf balls in any way.

They perform well anyway. There is a good degree of control by the player when taking shots in the green.

They also have enough lifts when you run them. This is due to their increased aerodynamic lift. These will fly high and add distance with the goal of getting out of your shot.

Carries a higher trajectory and longer on your drives.

The name XD stands for extra distance. Which, of course, made us happy. Each ball is only one and a half inches in diameter. They weigh 46 grams.

The rate of contraction at 90. The cover layer is made of an ionomer. It complements the 336 dimples that make up the surface.

Each box contains 12 balls. Balls that are good for a bit of fun or casual play.

However, if you want to improve your game, consider another ball.


Provides better overall performance for most users.

Increases the distance you have from T.

Self-correction technology means you cut the ball less.

It also improves your aspect.

Gives great value for money.


Not PGA approved. Did not get as much distance as the advertising had led us to believe.

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3. Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

Wilson is our next pick. This ball is designed to provide both distance and direction.

Their smart-core technology is ready to be a clear representation of any player's swing speed.

When you hit a ball at a distance it is supplied by reducing the amount of spin.

Luckily, this phenomenon easily flips over his head when you go above the green color li green, your shots will have more spin and control.

This is the same thing you will encounter in chip shots.

The ball has two cores. The outer cover of the ball is made of ionomer. It contains 432 dimples. It has a contraction rate of 85. It is a material that is known for its durability even when exposed to adverse conditions.

T and greens have reactions. Out of the tee, the ball responds to the iron by zooming off. This is an internal original courtesy. A green, soft to ball contact.

It has a soft feeling as soon as you apply it. The beauty of it is that as your game improves you will be able to use this ball.

Enough 24 balls come in each box. 8 sleeves of each of the three balls that you will get. These were released in 2017 and have been strong ever since. It can take a good swing.

After using a few rounds you will notice very few signs of tear wear.


Incredibly low price points. No one could complain about him.

There are 24 balls in the pack, which is a lot of balls.

Provides straighter shots from T, reducing slicing.

You get more distance in your shots.

Very good performance on the green.

Has a very responsive internal core.


Some golfers may find these too tough.

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4. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Click the image for more info

The titleist still couldn’t disappoint us. It will be no different. Or will it be?

V1 balls have been cherished by a budding golfer for a while.

They provide a mix of distance and precision. These are marketed as balls that provide total performance for players of all skills and styles.

To deliver this, the makers worked to deliver very little spin in the long shot. The ball is designed in such a way that it offers an intruder trajectory as soon as the aircraft arrives from T and takes off.

What they have as the next generation 2.0 ZG process core. It is designed to provide long distance shots from T. This is achieved by combining the lower spin at fast ball speeds.

Once the ball is flying, it is designed to achieve this feat with a few marked sequences. This is assisted by tiling 352 dimples across the surface of the ball. They have an aerobic effect.

On the green, the soft urethane elastomer cover system is vibrant. This helps to provide a more controlled experience. This layer is also responsible for ensuring that the balls are long lasting.

A finishing touch to an ionomeric coating layer is it helps in both speed and shot control. The ball makes the greens better to gauge more accurate shot power.

These balls are suitable for swing speeds of both low and high. Each box contains 12 balls. They are each 3 balls packaged in 4 boxes.

You will get a compression rate of 90. They are definitely a bit more towards the prairie than the other balls. It is very difficult though to place a fair price on quality and technology.

This is another golf ball that you can make bigger. As your performance improves, you don't have to dig for other balls.

This is always a plus. If you can continue with something you are accustomed to, it is easy to create that continuity.


Increased distance and less cutting.

The shots show a steady path of the aircraft.

Increased accuracy was observed.

Spin significantly less than t.

Good level of control over green.


These are more expensive than the other balls on our list.

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5. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls

Our final ball belongs to Srixon. The soft feeling golf ball provides a low compression core.

Their strong gradient grower grower comes in at an incredibly low 60.

Their previous model was the 72, which is already impressive. They have gone and surpassed themselves. The goal of this new design was to provide softness without compromising performance.

This means the ball still had a high launch from its original. It was still a slow spin.

The cover of the ionomer mixed with Rabalon HR + and Pana-Tetra is slightly thinner than that used on the predecessors.

This in no way indicates a loss of tenderness. It goes well with the 324 aerodynamic dimple feature. Dimple design and enhanced surface coverage are key components.

The overall feel of the ball is more greenside control. You will be able to create more spins in these national shots.

The aerodynamic design of their simple dimples is such that the drug is reduced to create longer distances and air-flight.

To break it into pieces, you'll be happy to notice that these balls have reduced spin from T.

This is also thanks to the level of the mirror. Since less compression was indicated, the speed of the ball is another plus.

There are a total of 12 balls in each pack. A softer white and a tour yellow for better visibility. Overall, the balls are soft in the center and hard on the outside.

This means a core that is reactive and an outer layer that is strong enough for good stability.


Choose two ball colors. Both are designed with visibility in mind.

They have a very soft feeling.

They are durable.

You will notice that the distance to the driver obtained is longer.

T has a lower spin, cutting less.

High spin on the green. Good ball control.

High-speed ball launch at T.


Some balls are not as durable as others.

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The best golf ball for a slice buyer's guide

Most cut issues start from problems by golfer’s technique. Better to use golf balls and irons that will help larger sweet spots. Age can also be a factor depending on the age of the player.

As we get older we become less active and our hands are severely reduced for eye coordination. Shots that were used simply started throwing some pieces in our way. This is usually an indicator that it may be time to find a club or ball set that is more interested in the problem you are facing.

To solve this problem we can do something that you can do or look for in your search.

There are two main reasons for this solution. Creating a plan for self-improvement. The other is making sure you have the best possible ball. The 5 balls we picked are enough for the second need.

We will cover possible solutions for the first part.

Exercises to reduce golf ball slicing

There are a few things you can do besides choosing the right gear to reduce your spin. The two things you can do right away are the coordination of your eyes and the type of your swing.

To achieve the best results you need to deal with it in a systematic way. These are only a few of the goal-setting shareware options available to you.

For hand and eye coordination, you can start by drilling a simple capture. Your golf ball is thrown up. The catch is used as a drill in various sprays because it works. In addition to using your golf ball, another effective method is the tennis ball.

You can even toss a tennis ball against a wall and hold it with one hand.

Repeat this over and over again. Each time, try to hold the ball in the other hand. If you use the left hand for the last catch, you should use the right for the next one.

Jaglar has some good hands to monitor smuggling. You can take a page from their book. Wake up. It can start with two balls. Increase the number of ball to three and see how far you can go.

If the balls prove too difficult to start, you can look at getting a juggling set with big items in it. It’s surprisingly easy to get started. Your goal is to challenge yourself to do more difficult drills.

The more you challenge yourself, the faster your hand will improve from your eye coordination.

We seldom give up thinking about what we want to focus our eyes on. The brain manages it smoothly. Carrying some of that burden from the brain will go a long way. The next time you practice drives try to consider your eye involvement.

Things you should know should not be avoided. Find you can concentrate on the ball before taking your shot, then the head of the club.

The final part of the swing you are going to swing will focus on the part of the ball you want to hit in your eye. Become an attentive part of the whole process.

Working on your swing pattern will provide great results for your cut problem. The easiest way to shake yourself up in a movie. Look at the movement and compare it to a swing coach or professional golfer.

This will usually tell you what adjustments you need.

What is this Ionomer?

We have mentioned ionomers several times in this article. This is a key element used in making some golf balls. For the most part, manufacturers use urethane where it is not used.

You sometimes refer to ionomers as saline which is a variant of the product.

The price is the obvious difference between Ionomer and urethane, the latter being more expensive.

This basically reduces production costs. The low cost of manufacturing the ionomer makes it more friendly with your wallet.

Urethane is a polymer available in three forms. It is available as ethyl carbamate, carbamate as well as polyurethane. For the purpose of golfing, we will focus on polyurethane. It is ideal for golf balls because of its hardness, tensile strength, impact resistance, scraping resistance and tears. I’m sure you can already see how all this property makes for a great golf ball.

An Ionomer is a polymer.

Nowadays it is usually used in the form of serlin which is a variant made by Dupont. It contains ethylene and methacrylic acid which make great coating material.

Mirror coated products tend to be stiffer than those coated with urethane. This makes the ionomer perfect for slicing your shots. Make sure every set you buy uses ionomers instead of urethane.

It goes without saying that no urethane ball is suitable.

How soft or hard the ball affects the slicing

The golf ball you use will obviously affect the rate at which you spend your game. You probably know this, you are looking to read this post.

Hard balls are more difficult to break into pieces. This will come down to the rate of compression in some cases. When you do not catch a ball that will test a ball that is in high quality compression. It is not quite cut and dry. As a general rule, it will guide your choice.

There is no obvious relationship between ball speed and cutting. The fastest balls move in any direction very quickly. Making incomplete contact with the ball will cause it to start traveling in an unwanted direction. Not all aspects of this nature are divided as cut.

Sometimes it’s just a miss-hit.

The core of the ball is usually a key factor of motion that is generated on impact. Reactive cores usually provide more distance and will increase speed from T. There is no clear indication that this is a cutting factor.

The final word

It is important that you consider each of your own balls before making your final. Different things are used while standing in the crowded market. Any of these will make selecting the right golf ball more challenging.

This is not a decision that should be made lightly. Having said that, most of its value points mean you can afford to make at least one mistake.

We have considered 5 great golf balls that will reduce the amount of slices and in some cases remove it completely. Using any one of these will undoubtedly deliver results in your search.

For those who like to pick their own, we've created a buyer's guide. It is designed to ensure that you have the right kind of information to guide your decision making.

Knowing the ingredients used to make the ideal ball for the slice will go much further. You will be able to avoid a ball that is not needed.

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