Best golf ball for slice: Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball - OUR TOP PICK

                                          best golf balls for slice

Surely, there’s something like the best golf ball for slice? Even a bad piece like yours ??

Ideally one that would help prevent you from slicing your shots further?

Maybe ...

1. You're getting a stock of laughter from your golfing friends because of the pieces of your walkie-talkie shots ... this time you got the last laugh.

2. Your current balls will not move in the direction you want.


Everyone is telling you that a new package of golf balls is coming out that will improve your game (and help you with your slices).

If you fall under any of them, then you'll find that this is the right article for you. Finding a golf ball that performs to your full potential can be challenging.

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball - OUR TOP PICK

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Bridgestone has been consistently providing high quality golfing products Bridgestone has been consistently providing high quality golfing products since 1935. 

Their E6 soft golf ball is designed with precision and distance in mind. 

As we are looking for balls like slice reduction, it is part of the accuracy that we have paid more attention to. This is provided by reducing the spin generated when you hit the ball with a driver or a long iron.

The softcore of this ball is such that the ball has an instant low resistance against impact.

As a result the deviating speed is reduced. Exactly what causes you to cut the ball!

The outer layer is covered with delta dimples for less wind resistance and more control. It helps you improve your overall game with each shot. Your shots will usually be straight for long-range strikes.

The ball is more resistant to wind speeds as well as pop-ups. It flies straight

Once green, you will easily get enough spin to tour the course. The ball lands softly and stops very quickly. Your skill will count more than help from the ball

You can use this set of balls as your game improves.

Bridgestone has an unfair advantage over most competitors. They have access to data and science from a large part of the business. They also produce tires.

From here came their rubber technological advances. Most polymers developed in this direction later use the inner core of the ball as well as the soft outer core.

Each pack contains 12 balls. These are sold in two colors, white and yellow. Yellows are more common.

Your pieces will be able to visually track the plane and direction of your ball.


They pay incredible value for money

A good quality golf ball that performs well.

Ball set at a reasonable price.

Provides a good distance from Tee.

This reduces the cut by creating a shot straightener.

Suitable for different swing speeds.


Some users find it too soft.

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