8-Step Problems - Solving Process

8-Step Problems - Solving Process

8-Step Problems - Solving Process

Step 1: Define the problem

  1. What's the problem?
  2. How did you discover the problem?
  3. When the problem started and the way long has this problem been going on?
  4. Is there enough data available to contain the problem and prevent it from escalating to the next step? If yes, there are problems.

Step 2: Clear the problem

  1. What data is available or necessary to fully understand the problem?
  2. Is solving this problem in time the highest priority?
  3. Do you need additional resources to clear up the problem? If yes, take the issue to your leader to identify the right resources and help build a team
  4. Consider a fat-free phenomenon (do it, burst, RPI, project).
  5. Make sure there is a content issue and do not pass it on to the next step.

Step 3: Define goals

  1. What is your ultimate goal or desired future?
  2. What will you achieve if you fix this problem?
  3. What is the required timeline for solving this problem?

Step 4: Identify the root cause of the problem

  1. Identify possible causes of the problem.
  2. Prioritize the possible root causes of the problem.
  3. Is there any data to verify the root cause?

8-Step Problem - Solving Process

Step 5: Develop an action plan

  1. Make a list of actions you can take to address the root cause and prevent problems from coming to others.
  2. Assign an owner and timeline to each action.
  3. Status action to confirm completion.

Step 6:: Implement the action plan

  1. Implement an action attempt to address the basis cause.
  2. Verification operation completed.

Step 7: Evaluate the results

  1. Monitoring and data collection.
  2. Have you met your goals defined in the third step? If not, repeat step 8.
  3. Were there any unexpected consequences?
  4. If the problem is solved, remove the previously added activities to add the problem.

Step 8: Improve consistently

  1. Look for additional opportunities to implement solutions.
  2. Make sure the problem doesn't come back and the lessons learned don't communicate.
  3. Repeat the 8-step problem-solving process if necessary to make further improvements.

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