What are the levels of supply chain management? pillars of supply chain management? stages of supply chain management? the best practice in supply chain management?

                          Types of Supply Chain Management (SCM) Systems

What are the three levels of supply chain management?

Supply chain management operates at three levels: strategic, tactical, and operational. At the strategic level, agency management makes decisions regarding the high-level strategic Supply Chain that is relevant to the organization as a whole.

The decisions that are made about the supply chain reflect the overall corporate strategy followed by the organization.

The strategic supply chain disciplines that need to be handled will broaden the breadth of the supply chain. This includes product development, customer, manufacturing, vendors, and logistics.

What are the four pillars of supply chain management? 

  1. Data visibility.
  2. Data "slice- and dice-ability.
  3. Focus on the right problem area. 
  4. Alignment with organization and process.

What are the stages of supply chain management?

  1. Original sourcing or raw material extraction.
  2. Refining or manufacturing materials into basic parts.
  3. Combining the basic parts into finished products.
  4. Sales of finished products to end-users.
  5. Deliver the finished product to suppliers or users. 

What is the best practice in supply chain management?

  1. Develop the strategy
  2. Align the supply chain organization
  3. Recruit and develop supply chain professionals
  4. Be dedicated to performance management
  5. Establish the strategic sourcing strategy
  6. Manage total cost of ownership
  7. Establish key supplier alliances
  8. Develop a supplier management process
  9. Streamline the order to the payment process
  10. Manage inventory
  11. Manage distribution and logistics
  12. Establish and monitor controls

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