What you would do if you become president of our country

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what you would do if you become president of our country”

If I am elected president of my country, I intend to make significant improvements. I will try to solve all the problems of the state which are contemporary problems. In particular, I will pay close attention to the basic necessities of my country's population. I will always try to create a beautiful environment for the people. And I will make sure that they can live a good life. Although it is difficult to calculate how much work I will do to run the country as a president, I am trying to give an idea in the form of some points here. All countries should do more work on these and if I become the president of the country, I will do it myself.

Food security:

The number of hungry individuals within the world has augmented within the previous couple of years. One in 9 individuals within the world go hungry on a daily basis and suffer from deficiency disease as a result.

In recent years, food security has become a more significant threat to the general health of the human population than protozoal infection, TB or HIV. And, the 2020 COVID-19 epidemic LED to a pointy rise in international food insecurity and affected vulnerable families nearly everywhere.

Current estimates show that 690 million individuals have gone hungry — ten million in precisely one year and sixty million in 5 years.

Thus what is the problem? However, will this be 2021 and other people are still hungry?

The matter isn't that we tend to don’t turn out enough food, however individuals lack access to food. Several don't have enough cash to shop for food and can't grow on their own.

In step with the globe Food Program (WFP), countries with high levels of food insecurity even have the best variety of foreign migrants.

And also the drawback is twofold: overall hunger has declined steadily over the past decade, with the quantity of refugees increasing. Refugees suffer the foremost from food insecurity.

Though regarding St Martin's Day the world's population is malnourished, regarding half-hour of the adult population is overweight.

No country within the world has seen a discount within the rate of fat. Indeed, it's tempting to consider growing fat as a style of “excess nutrition” in each kid and adult, however it's a distinct style of deficiency disease.

People eat pre-packaged foods that are high in carbs and preservatives but lacking in nutrition. As a result, they increase the likelihood of gaining weight. Thus I'll attempt to solve the food drawback 1st when turning into the president of my country. As a result of 1st you have got to measure then everything else. And food is required to survive.

WATER deficiency:

As food, there's enough water for each person living in the world these days. However, access to its water isn't invariably potential.

Issues like poor infrastructure, displacement and conflict mean many folks usually got to use unsafe water sources. This is often a clean health and sanitation risk.

About 2 billion individuals still use a supply that's contaminated by excreta and don't have access to adequate access to identical quantities of bathroom facilities.

I'll place the foremost stress on resolving this drawback when turning into the President of the country.

Major health problems:

In addition to deficiency disease, there are a unit several factors that have an effect on world health. Within the past, the focus has been on infectious disease, cholera, malaria, T.B. and HIV-related infectious diseases.

Access to scrub water associated with correct sanitation and improved education have reduced the incidence of transmissible diseases worldwide overall. However, once engaged in current malady interference ways, efforts to boost sanitation mustn't be slow.

Teaching smart hygiene practices remains helpful, the importance of fine nutrition education and interference of non-public hurt is currently stressed.

Today, however, the foremost irresistible threat to our overall world health and well-being is the Cocoid-11 epidemic we've been wreaking since it absolutely was discovered in the city, China, in late 2019.

Most of the people infected with COVID-19 can experience delicate to moderate disease and recover quickly while not requiring any special treatment. However, individuals over the age of sixty and their underlying health conditions are additional possible to become seriously sick.

And, it’s not simply human physical health that COVID-19 has caused a door drop. There also are serious socio-economic aspect effects that may contribute to semi-permanent health issues, as well as psychological state problems.

COVID-19 is especially unfolded by drops of salt from the nose and mouth, therefore it's necessary to follow the rule once coughing or ostentation. The foremost effective way to shield yourself et al. from infection is to wear a mask, wash your hands often and avoid touching your face.

And, the most effective thanks to forestall and slow the unfolding of this virus worldwide ought to be well-read.

I will tackle Covid-19 in protective public health once I become president of the country.

Children's health and Primary education:

Children are the key to our success, nevertheless several kids around the world don't meet most of their basic desires. The under-five death rate is higher.

Baby health and education go along. Kid deficiency disease ends up in permanent physiological harm called “stunting” in language. Hungry kids cannot concentrate and learn during this manner. Kids United Nations agencies who are hungry for long periods of your time might have problems with their brain power and concentration because of hunger. This suggests they'll most likely not be ready to come through their educational or skilled potential.

Even once a kid's area unit in class, their quality of education could also be low or their instructional skills and resources could also be restricted. This suggests they'll drop out of faculty while not the desired variety or acquirement skills. It's calculable that 600 million kids don't acquire basic math and teaching skills whereas in class.

As President, I will be able to build kid health and everybody literate in education.


Some international issues can't be resolved by on-ground, grassroots-style approaches. These embody the institution of jurisprudence and peace, help to the loss of states, and make certain the effective management of democracy.

These square measure activities are overseen by organizations like the world organization as a regulative body.

The primary is human rights, the elemental rights of all folks within the world. If I were president of the country, I might partner with Save the youngsters in Mexico to show young students concerning their rights. If our girls' authorization comes round the world, I'll additionally offer resources to support girls to find out additional concerning their own rights.

This is increasing. Within the education and girl’s authorization project in our country, I'll facilitate each woman and girls in their academic development.

It's been ascertained that increasing women's access to education reduces increase. Thus, these come to play a role in helping the planet population.

Global climate change is another drawback which will be resolved most effectively through policy changes, as most fossil fuels square measure created by factories, power plants and cars.

However I'll work to coach several communities concerning the importance of protecting the area's people. These communities are also forced to pick their leaders who support their effective environmental policies.

I even have to face several issues in running a rustic. However I'll continually solve the essential wants of the voters of all countries.

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