Organization Development vs Organizational Development

Organization Development vs Organizational Development

What is meant by organizational development?

Organizational development is a vital, science-based process that aids in the development, enhancement, and strengthening of strategies, systems, and processes to help organizations transform and become more successful.

Definition 2: Organizational development can be defined as the purpose-oriented method used to initiate system change in an entity. Organizational development is achieved through the process of communication or changes in the structures that support them. The study of employee behavior enables professionals to examine the work environment and observe and anticipate change, which in turn influences organizational development.

What is Organization Development?

Organization Development (OD) is a method that focuses on aligning objectives, systems, people, incentives, indicators, and management processes in order to improve an organization's capabilities. It is a science-supported, interdisciplinary field between psychology, culture, innovation, social sciences, adult education, human resource management, change management, organization behavior, and research analysis and design.

Organization development involves an ongoing, regular, long-range process of running organizational effectiveness, problem solving, and improving organizational performance. This is one of the capabilities in the talent development capability model.


A classic concept of organizational growth is as follows: Organization Development: Strategies and Models, by Richard Beckhard, was published in 1969.

An effort to develop the organization which:



Operated from above

Increase the efficiency and health of the organization

Through systematic intervention in the “processes” of the organization using behavioral-science knowledge.


It’s no surprise that OD is the only organization of practitioners ’analysis, which means OD we focus on developing the organization’s capabilities through the alignment of strategies, structures, management processes, people and rewards, and metrics.

The Global OD Competition Framework describes the key skills, competencies, behaviors, and other characteristics required for superior performance as an OD professional. The framework has five main capabilities and 15 skills.

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