Wyatt Pike "Drops Out" from American Idol

Wyatt Pike
Wyatt Pike

Just one day after making the American Idol Top 16, Park City resident White Pike dropped out of the competition.

Idol host Ryan Sacrest made the announcement at the start of Monday night's show on ABC. "I have to tell you that the finalist will not take part in the Wyatt Pike competition. He had to be eliminated. But we wish him the best."

The day before, during the 24-hour broadcast, the 24 finalists were narrowed down to 16. Pike was the second to last competitor in his group to advance. The judges praised Pike's performance in "Level King of Leon" and "Pie". Katy Perry called her an "authentic singer-songwriter" and she was one of the top contestants. Luke Bryan said Pike would "be able to make music all his life." And Lionel Richie said Pike had a style that the judges liked to see and the 20-year-old was on his way to “something big”.

Until Monday evening, Pike was silent about leaving the show. Pike’s latest activity on social media was a post he made last Wednesday with a picture of the Park City area that said, “Home: Something to feel through it today I thank the rollercoaster today”.

KPCW tried to reach out to Pike and a preacher from American Idol who helped facilitate an interview with Pike during the show, but got no response. Pike was a volunteer DJ at KPCW until last year. On March 26, he spoke with KPCW's Leslie Thatcher on Local News Hour about her experience with American Idol. People magazine reported that an American Idol representative said "Watt could not continue for personal reasons."

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