What is HRIS?


What is HRIS

What is HRIS?

HRIS is a human resource information system. HRIS is a system used to collect and store data on the employees of an organization.

In most cases, HRIS includes the initial functionality required for end-to-end human resource management (HRM). It has a system for recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and much more.

HRIS is also known as HRIS software. This is somewhat confusing because it suggests that different software may be running on different systems. However, this is not the case. HRIS is short for a software package.

HRIS can either run on the company's own technology infrastructure or be cloud-based, which is commonplace nowadays. This means that the software is running outside the company's premises, making it easier to update.

Other names used are HRIS system and HRMS or Human Resource Management System. These are all individual words for the same thing. Collectively, these systems are called Human Capital Management Systems or HCMOs. In this article, we will use HRIS and HRIS systems interchangeably.

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