Metropolitan Museum of Art Celebrates 151 Years

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art

Today, April 13, 1870 - 151 years ago - the New York State Legislature approved the inclusion of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a group of businessmen, thinkers, and artists who sought to provide art and art education to the American public. 

Shortly afterwards, the museum received its first piece, a Roman sarcophagus, but two years later - February 20, 1872 - it was not until the Metropolitan Museum opened its doors to the first Fifth Avenue of Art. The following year, the museum moved out of that location and moved to a mansion elsewhere in the city. Eventually in 1880 the Metropolitan Museum of Art moved to its current location on the "Museum Mile" section of Fifth Avenue.

Today’s Google Doodle contains an isometric image of the Metropolitan Museum of Art with six frames at the top. In each appropriate color frame you will see one of the few artworks from the museum that changes into a separate piece every few seconds resembling a letter from the word "Google". At the bottom of each frame, you'll find a line showing where that particular work can be found in the museum.

You can visit the official website of the Metropolitan Museum of Art to learn more about each of the works of art featured in today's Google Doodle. Meanwhile, the Google Doodle blog has some interesting information about the artistic process behind the doodle, which was supposed to be shown a year ago for the museum's 150th anniversary, but was postponed due to the epidemic, including

I really missed visiting museums during the epidemic, so working on this doodle was like a virtual tour of Met for me. I hope this animated doodle gives people a little experience of visiting museums, and coming face to face with beautiful and captivating artwork from different cultures and eras.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art exhibits works of art from all over the world spanning more than 5,000 years for everyone to see and appreciate. The museum is located on two iconic sites in New York City, Met the Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Clusters. Millions of people take part in the online Met experience.

Since its inception in 1870, The Met has always sought to become more than a treasure trove of rare and beautiful materials. Every day, in the galleries of art museums and through its exhibitions and events, new ideas and unexpected connections across time and culture are revealed alive.

The mate was located in New York City on April 18, 1860, for the purpose of establishing and maintaining a museum and library in the city to encourage and develop art research. The application of art in the production and practical life of art, the advancement of general knowledge of fictional subjects, and the application of art to popular instruction to that end.

On January 13, 2015, the Trustees of The Metropolitan Museum of Art reaffirmed this statement of purpose and supplemented it with the following statement from the Mission:

To associate people with imagination, expertise, and ideas, the Metropolitan Museum of Art gathers, examines, preserves, and exhibits significant works of art from all periods and cultures.

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