What is a Benchmark Job? Benchmark vs. Non-benchmark Jobs

What is a Benchmark Job?

Benchmark Job also known as core jobs, standard jobs are positions that are consistent across the industry in terms of salary, responsibilities, seniority, and are therefore comparable from organization to organization. Data is widely available on key metrics for this job, including salary and career route.

Data is beneficial to both employers and employees. Employers can determine what level of responsibility their employees are performing and whether the salaries offered are consistent with the same position throughout the industry. Employees may use data during negotiations for a new job or when they are already employed to increase pay/liability.

Benchmark jobs are more likely to be business-oriented jobs (e.g. office managers, HR managers) or industry-specific (such as the graphic design in the digital media industry).

Non-benchmark Jobs

Non-benchmark jobs are those for which valid and reliable salary survey data are not available. They can be jobs that are unique to our organization. Or, these may be jobs that do not exactly match the position comparable to the published survey.

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