Some important questions that you should keep in mind before preparing for your exam.

Define business letter. What are the different types of business letter?

Discuss different parts of business letter.

Lists the common types of business letter. What basic functions do the business letters serve?

Compare the three common formats of business letter.

Mention the content of an inquiry letter.

What is regret letter?

What is adjustment letter?

Discuss the features of a good letter.

What are the features of an apology letter?

What are the main purposes for which business letters are written?

What is an inquiry letter? How would you write a letter to a foreign company asking for quotation of prices for a new brand of articles?

What do you mean by adjustment letter? What are the features of an adjustment letter?

What are the features of ordering letter?

Write a letter to Bruce Furnishing asking for quotation of prices for their aluminum furniture for office and homes.

What is a claim letter? Develop an example of business claim.

Write a letter to a seller of mobile phones claiming warranty for the battery replacement.

Draft a suitable reply to a customer who has complained about poor services of computers supplied by you.

Draft a letter to a well-placed but absentminded professor whose dues for purchase of books are not settled in spite of repeated reminders.

Write a letter to a local bank manager asking for a loan for pursuing further studies.

Suppose you are the marketing manager of a reputed company. Write a sales letter to the prospective customers to introduce a new brand of detergent soap that your company has just produces.

Describe the features of an inquiry letter.

Write a letter to xyz publishers to enquire the price list of their management related books.

What are the features of a complaint letter?

Write a letter to the railway company complaining about the receipt of goods in damaged conditions and claiming the compensation.

Write a letter to your friend and narrate him about your experience in last industrial trade fair.

Define business report. What are the characteristics of a good report?

Mention the different parts of a report.

Discuss the structure of a report.

Discuss the steps to write a report.

As a personnel manager, you have been asked by the general manager to prepare a report on the labor unrest created recently in your organization. Write a report highlighting main features about the unrest.

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