OYO Rooms of India dreaming to be the world's biggest hotel chain

OYO Rooms of India dreaming to be the world's biggest hotel chain.

In 2012, Orissa's 18-year college dropout Ritesh Agarwal opened a website called 'Oravle Stage'. The purpose of this website was to provide hotel booking and hotel information at low cost. Intensive study of the journey of the traveler Agarwal market started to understand better. After spending three months in more than 100 smaller hotels and guesthouses, his new organization, OYO Rumas, started in 2013.

In 2013, there was a kind of agreement with hotel owners. Starting from the hotel's bathroom, all the things are arranged like them. Then the name of the hotel includes the website. If a traveler bookings a hotel room from their website, it will be 25% commission to get OYO This way the OYO Rumas of Agarwal continues.

We got some big funds in 2015. Investors like Soft Bank Group are financing. Our new branch, OYO Home, started OYO in 2017. If you want to rent a tourist home for a short period of time, bookings are arranged. The service started at 10 important tourist centers of Goa, Shimla, Pondicherry, Udaipur, Kerala, India. In April of this year, they launched the first international service in Dubai. OYO collected $ 100 billion in funding last November. Of which $ 80 million comes from Soft Bank Vision Fund. After collecting new funds, they started expanding their business further.

OYO has started its operations in China in November last year. In the country's 265 cities, more than 1,80,000 rooms in the city are now under control. In the 180 cities of India, they have 1 lakh 43 thousand rooms. They also expanded their activities in Malaysia, Nepal and the United Kingdom. Currently there are 3,30,000 rooms in 500 cities in the world, under the lawn.

In an interview given to PTI by PTI, India's Agarwal said, "If we launch 50 thousand rooms per month, 25 lakh rooms will be under our control by 2023. And it will be more than double the size of the world's largest hotel chain. "

OYO Rumas, who became famous for a short time, has already collected a lot of criticism. Jordan Taylor, a United States citizen, was subjected to sexual harassment by a hotel employee under Woof last September. He complained of inadequate housing services. Many of the media in India are criticized about this issue. There are also allegations of removal of other competitors in the market by prudent pricing, against the company. Besides, there are allegations of offering lucrative jobs through emails of senior and middle level officials of competing organizations.

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