1. Tell me about production and productivity

  2. Carrot and stick theory

  3. What is KPI?

  4. What is performance index?

  5. Where is performance index headquarter?

  6. Why scientific management theory is not accepted by all?

  7. What are the difference of vision, mission, goals, Objectives and strategy?

  8. "Training is a continuous process" - explain

  9. "Authority can be delegated, responsibility can not"- Explain.

  10. What are the differences between Manager and leader?

  11. What is Performance Appraisal and what are its objectives?

  12. Application of management /HRM in banking??

  13. How will u relate to your subject with banking?? 

  14. What is the difference between human resources and human capital?

  15. Father of modern management

  16. Management vs administration

  17. 4P?

  18. Leader vs Manager

  19. 6 M?

  20. 7S?

  21. 14 principles of Management

  22. Unity of command vs unity of direction

  23. Contribution of Henry Fayol.

  24. What is MBO?

  25. What are the challenges of Management?

  26. What are the tools of decision making?

  27. What is game theory?

  28. T- group?

  29. Brainstorming?

  30. Buzz Session?

  31. Vestibule ?

  32. What is EEOC?

  33. The definition of equal pay act?

  34. What is affirmative action?

  35. What is adverse impact?

  36. What is ADR?

  37. Difference between diversity and managing diversity.
  38. Suppose in your company there are 3rd grade SSC pass employees. How you will motivate them?

  39. What is ACR?

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